On the Run (an online version of the column in the Telegraph Journal May 15, 2019)

Trevor Funk of Saint John at the Fredericton Marathon

The Fredericton Marathon was another fantastic success this season and the reviews from runners have been excellent. The new course was extremely popular and the results reported her in the TJ on Monday certainly confirm it was fast.  Just to recap a couple of results to show that speed, the full marathon had a new record as James MacLellan of Sydney ran an amazing 2:29:42.  That is a 3:33 per kilometer pace.  Try running 1 kilometer at that pace and imagine 42.2 of them.  Heather O’Donnell of Meadowville NS led the way for the women in 3:01:53.  Second place went to Emily Hamilton of Halifax in the same time 3:01:53.  This result is of interest, many runners ask about chip time versus gun time.  The chip time is the time from when you chip crosses the start line until it crosses the finish line.  That result is for your personal information and is NOT your official result.  The official result, or gun time, is from the time the start gun goes until your chip crosses the finish line.  The top women had chip times of 3:01:36 and 3:01:43 but both had gun times of 3:01:53 so the result is a tie for first place. 

The half marathon also had a very fast time as Lee Wesselius of River Glade won in 1:08:07.  That is a 3:14 per kilometer pace.  Lise MacDonald of Bedford led the women with a very quick 1:26:55.

One of the fastest father son combinations we have seen in a while is Team Funk from Saint John.  Dad Trevor Funk took second place overall in 2:44:44 while son Liam nailed a 3:17:49 both winning their age groups.  Congratulations to all the runners, organizers and volunteers on another great event.

This year in Moncton the Legs for Literacy Marathon has announced they will sit out a year to regroup and reorganize to come back in 2020.  This popular event will be missed but we wish them luck in their work and look forward to the return next year.

Things slow down a little this long weekend to let runners catch their breath after a quick start to the season.  But there is still an opportunity to get your running fix and see some of our beautiful province on the long weekend.  The Hopewell Rocks Multi-terrain 9-km goes on Sunday at the Hopewell Rocks.  This unique event runs through the beautiful Hopewell Rocks park and even includes a run along the ocean floor at low tide.  You can get more information and register at https://events.runnb.ca/event/hopewell-rocks-multi-terrain-race/29814/

A quick scan of the early trending for Super Series points show a few impressive starts.  Sacha Hourihan of Southfield has 100 points in F30-39, Haley Green of Quispamsis 90 points in F40-49 and Maureen Daigle of Fredericton has 80 points in F60-69.  For the men Sylvain Arseneau of Petit-Rocher has 100 points in M50-59 and Sylvio Bourque of Beresford has 90 points in M60-69.  It is still very early but these speedsters are staking their claims early with some great running.

This week our Person on the Run goes to Team Funk, Trevor and Liam were amazing at the Fredericton Marathon and their love of running is inspirational.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist



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