On the Run (an online version of the column that appeared in the May 28th Telegraph Journal)

Shelley Doucet on course…Photo credit Cat Smith

The trails of Rockwood Park felt the sizzle of hot runners at the Rompin Rockwood Trail Ultra.  In the men’s 10-km event Peter Williams of Lubec led the way in 49:50 followed by Tony Robinson-Smith of Fredericton (50:14) and Justin Weis of Fredericton (53:15).  The women’s race went to Julie McGivery of Moncton in 55:18 ahead of Saint Johners Kate Morrison (1:03:20) and Lauren Dysart (1:03:42).  The 25-km for women was won by Shelley Doucet of Quispamsis in 2:14:39 and the fastest time for all runners.  The second place and third place for women went to Saint John runners Sophie Inkpen (2:47:11) and Marcie Holland (2:47:44).  The men’s winner was Jean-Sebastian Levesque of Dieppe in 2:21:34 ahead of Rothesay’s Chris Watson (2:23:43) and Jerome Pugh of Keswick Ridge (2:57:40).  In the 50-km event Jessica Wall of Moncton was first in 6:12:33 ahead of Carole Fournier of Edmunston in second at 7:27:07 and Gillian Chow of Barrie in 7:40:03.    Benjamin Falconer of Oromocto was first male in 5:53:19 ahead of Bryan Bourque of Fredericton in 6:04:19 and Kenny Panza of Fredericton 6:06:30. 

In Sussex the pouring rain was not a problem for Ian Vershoor of Berwick as he led the half-marathon in 1:21:40 followed by Dan Backa of Quispamsis in 1:21:42 and Colin Swift of Sussex in 1:38:17. Sue Teakles of Sussex Corner was top woman in 1:38:37 followed by Beverly Prosser of Quispamsis in 1:52:54 and Martine Lord of Grande Digue in 1:53:05.  The women’s 10-km went to Sylvie Cormier of Dieppe in 46:20 ahead of Saint John’s Suzanne Doucet (46:30) and Moncton’s Rejeanne Belliveau (50:05).  Top male was Pier Luc Roy of Dieppe in 34:18, second went to Shane Stewart of Oromocto in 34:51 and third to Jeff Queen of Saint John in 35:48. Paul Coffin of Truro took the 5-km in 19:38 for men and Lisa MacInnis of Sussex Corner won the women’s event in 24:17.

At the Running Start Community Race in Fredericton Mary Bartlett looks like she is well on the way back from an injury with a winning time of 20:53 for top women’s time and fastest time overall in the 5-km.  Chris Bangay of Fredericton was top male in 22:00.  The 10-km went to Gary Simmonds of Morell in 44:51 and Melanie Mullin of Fredericton was top women in in 58:49. 

This weekend the Saint John Beer Run offers a 3-km, 5-km or 10-km followed by a beer tasting event at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal.  Get the details athttps://raceroster.com/events/2019/22227/port-city-beer-run-2019

If you are looking for a very fast 5-km check out the River Valley Rave Run in Grand Bay-Westfield, learn all about at https://events.runnb.ca/online-registration/event/15th-annual-river-valley-rave-run/14731/

At the Little River Reservoir you can join in the Steps for Hope 3.3-km loop run or walk.  This is a beautiful park and will be a great day.  Get the details athttps://events.runnb.ca/event/steps-for-hope/30943/

If you want to run really fast take in the 3rd Annual Crossman 1 Mile Road Race in Moncton on June 2.  You can register on site but get all the information you need at https://events.runnb.ca/event/3-rd-annual-crossman-1-mile-road-race/29599/.

This week our Person on the Run goes to Shelley Doucet, after a 7 month hiatus she nailed the 25-km Rompin Rockwood in 2:14:39.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist



On the Run (an online version of the column in the Telegraph Journal May 15, 2019)

Trevor Funk of Saint John at the Fredericton Marathon

The Fredericton Marathon was another fantastic success this season and the reviews from runners have been excellent. The new course was extremely popular and the results reported her in the TJ on Monday certainly confirm it was fast.  Just to recap a couple of results to show that speed, the full marathon had a new record as James MacLellan of Sydney ran an amazing 2:29:42.  That is a 3:33 per kilometer pace.  Try running 1 kilometer at that pace and imagine 42.2 of them.  Heather O’Donnell of Meadowville NS led the way for the women in 3:01:53.  Second place went to Emily Hamilton of Halifax in the same time 3:01:53.  This result is of interest, many runners ask about chip time versus gun time.  The chip time is the time from when you chip crosses the start line until it crosses the finish line.  That result is for your personal information and is NOT your official result.  The official result, or gun time, is from the time the start gun goes until your chip crosses the finish line.  The top women had chip times of 3:01:36 and 3:01:43 but both had gun times of 3:01:53 so the result is a tie for first place. 

The half marathon also had a very fast time as Lee Wesselius of River Glade won in 1:08:07.  That is a 3:14 per kilometer pace.  Lise MacDonald of Bedford led the women with a very quick 1:26:55.

One of the fastest father son combinations we have seen in a while is Team Funk from Saint John.  Dad Trevor Funk took second place overall in 2:44:44 while son Liam nailed a 3:17:49 both winning their age groups.  Congratulations to all the runners, organizers and volunteers on another great event.

This year in Moncton the Legs for Literacy Marathon has announced they will sit out a year to regroup and reorganize to come back in 2020.  This popular event will be missed but we wish them luck in their work and look forward to the return next year.

Things slow down a little this long weekend to let runners catch their breath after a quick start to the season.  But there is still an opportunity to get your running fix and see some of our beautiful province on the long weekend.  The Hopewell Rocks Multi-terrain 9-km goes on Sunday at the Hopewell Rocks.  This unique event runs through the beautiful Hopewell Rocks park and even includes a run along the ocean floor at low tide.  You can get more information and register at https://events.runnb.ca/event/hopewell-rocks-multi-terrain-race/29814/

A quick scan of the early trending for Super Series points show a few impressive starts.  Sacha Hourihan of Southfield has 100 points in F30-39, Haley Green of Quispamsis 90 points in F40-49 and Maureen Daigle of Fredericton has 80 points in F60-69.  For the men Sylvain Arseneau of Petit-Rocher has 100 points in M50-59 and Sylvio Bourque of Beresford has 90 points in M60-69.  It is still very early but these speedsters are staking their claims early with some great running.

This week our Person on the Run goes to Team Funk, Trevor and Liam were amazing at the Fredericton Marathon and their love of running is inspirational.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist



The Rompin Rockwood Trail Ultra (50-km, 25-km, 10-km)


Rockwood Park is on of Canada’s premier Urban Parks. Only minutes from Uptown Saint John is a gem of a park with lakes, streams and marvelous views of the Bay of Fundy and Saint John aka Saint Awesome!

This backdrop is perfect for the challenge of a Trail Ultra and we have a race for every fitness level and every goal. If you are looking for something hard core, the 50-km Ultra will certainly provide that with a double lap of the 25-km course that winds its way through the fantastic trail system at Rockwood. The single lap 25-km gets you all through the park and there is no need to repeat. The 10-km is a perfect distance for a taste of the trails.

Mark May 25th on tour calendar and register today at REGISTRATION

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Happy New Year

I started studying the benefits of exercise in 1973… after 10 years of formal education and over 30 years of practice and ongoing study… here is what I believe is the most current, best advice for activity and health as we enter a New Year:
1. Regular activity is essential for good physical and mental health, the amount is hard to define but most days of the week you likely need 60-90 minutes of activity.
2. Low intensity activity like walking can make up most of that activity but there is evidence that a few times a week the intensity should be high enough to make you breathe heavily for 15-30 minutes, equivalent to running or walking steep inclines. 
3. As we age, activity to keep muscles strong and flexible as well as activity to promote balance and agility is at least as important as cardiovascular exercise. Most days of the week you will benefit from even a few minutes of this type of activity. 
4. Exercise can help maintain a healthy weight but weight management and weight loss is more a factor of good nutrition than anything else, for weight loss consult a professional dietitian. 
5. Outside activity is another essential element to good physical and mental health, exercising outside as much as possible will pay big dividends. 
6. Exercise is medicine, it helps reduce many chronic diseases… however that does not sustain motivation for most people… find activity that you enjoy and want to do for the activity’s sake and let all those other benefits flow in like a bonus cheque. 
7. Don’t measure against others (except in a sporting sense). It is clear that we all have different likes, abilities and aptitudes that make our physical activity profile unique. Enjoy the socialization but have the courage to be the unique physical being you are designed to be. 
8. Physical activity has a dose response… different amounts and intensities give different outcomes, this means variety will give the most well rounded outcomes. It also means that diminishing returns eventually happen as total volume increases and eventually physical activity levels can reach a point where they are detrimental. Dose response is specific to each individual and is unique to your genetic profile. 
9. Sadly, a few individuals have severe diseases that limit their activity but before you play that card remember the amount of people who truly cannot find some activity to work around their challenges are exceedingly small and many people have shown they can beat those challenges and still enjoy activity on their terms.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and active 2019 my friends!!

On the Run (as it appeared in the Oct 10, 2018 Telegraph Journal)

donald Cormier
Donald Cormier finishes his 100th Demi-marathon de l’Acadie

New Brunswick runners blew into the Windy City last weekend for the Chicago Marathon with some amazing performances.  The highlight of them all was Shelley Doucet of Quispamsis setting a new record for New Brunswick women with a 2:38:49, 15th overall, 2nd Canadian and top of her age group simply amazing.

At the Valley Harvest Marathon in Wolfville New Brunswick runners nabbed some great results.  Annie Michaud of Moncton won the Ultramarathon for women in 5:04:01 followed by Julie Belanger of Shediac in 5:09:51.  In the men’s Marathon, Korey Nixon of Rothesay was third overall in 3:09:53.

Closer to home, the Sweet Caroline Run in Rothesay was another big success celebrating its’ fifth anniversary.    In the men’s 10-km Evan Arsenault led the way in 34:31 followed by Saint John’s Alex Coffin (38:40) and Cameron Harris of Quispamsis (39:22).  The women saw Sacha Hourihan take off with a 37:58 followed by Alicia Postuma of Quispamsis in 49:25 and Brittany McGraw of Saint John in 49:46.  In the 5-km it was Katherine Miller (Saint John) and Susan Teakles (Sussex Corner) in a very close finish 22:45 to 22:46, doesn’t get much closer than that.  Third place went to Grace Tilley of Rothesay in 24:05.  For the men it was Ben Evans of Hampton in 20:21 followed by Rothesay’s Garrett Dixon (21:53) and Sam Dumouchel of Saint John (22:42).  It is quite a tribute to Caroline that at least one podium member of every race was from the under 19 age group, no doubt friends and school mates of the late Caroline Lorette who the race honours.

There are lots of opportunities this weekend both on and off road.  It all starts Saturday with the Great Green Hill Movapaloosa in Fredericton offering a 5-km or 10-km on the great city trails.  You can register at http://www.greenhill.ca/run/

On the same day in Quispamsis check out the Quispamsis Elementary School Eagles 5-km.  In addition to the 5-km there is a 1-km option and all proceeds go to support school sports.  Join it by registering at https://events.runnb.ca/event/qes-eagles-5km-run-walk-and-1km-kids-fun-run/25021/

On Sunday all the action is off-road.  The Mactaquac Trail Run has been sold out for a while but why not enjoy the foliage and drive to Mactaquac and check it out.  Get all the details at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/14716/mactaquac-trail-race

In Miramichi it is the Miramichi Cross Country 5-km at the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club.  October on the Miramichi is nothing short of gorgeous and you will love this run.  Check it out at  https://events.runnb.ca/event/miramichi-cross-country-5km-670/28070/

It isn’t often you get to write about someone running a hundred races, rarer still one hundred half marathons, but almost unheard of to write about someone running the same half marathon one hundred times.  This past Sunday at the Demi-marathon de l’Acadie, that is exactly what Donald Cormier of Tracadie has accomplished.  That is more than 1 in 4 of the 372 runnings of this iconic event and a total of 2,110 kilometers of racing.  Félicitations Donald that is an impressive accomplishment and why you are this week’s Person on the Run.


Gotta run


Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist




On the Run Oct 3, 2018 (as it appeared in today’s Telegraph Journal)

We lost a beloved member of our running community this week. William “Billy” Anderson will be missed

With only one Run NB Super Series Race left to go, On the Run is ready to declare some winners for this season.  For the women in the 19 and under it looks like a lock for Alex Moffett of Searsville with 335 points and her closest rival at 145.  It is a different story I the 20-29 age group where Moncton’s Anouk Doiron has 340 points to Bellisle Creek’s Shawna Allaby’s 309 points, could be close.  The 30-39 is all Melissa Martin’s as the Nauwigewauk runner has 615 to her nearest rival’s 540 points.  In the 40-49 Carol Lynn Landry of Grand Bay-Westfield is a run-away with 773 points.  The same in the 50-59 age group for Saint John’s Suzanne Doucet who has a 300-point lead with a total of 440 points.  Marcelle Breau is the 60-69 age group winner with 729 points.  Jenny Keenan of Halifax owns the 70 plus crown with 650 points.  So for the women the 20-29 age group is the one to watch this weekend.

For the men all of the age groups are decided although a couple are pretty close, they have the necessary 50-point margin to be declared the winner.  In the 19 and under it’s Bathurst’s Julien Thibodeau with 350 points, 20-29 Shaun Girouard of Dieppe wins with 425 plus any gained this weekend, 30-39 goes to Roy Clavette of Oromocto but Dennis Hoar of Riverview made it tough as they have 628 and 570 points respectively over 14 races.   Marcel Comeau of Moncton owns the 40-49 age group with a whopping 935 points while fellow Monctonian Paul Thibodeau tops the 50-59 age division with 830 points.  In the 60-69 age group Maurice Vienneau of Halifax leads the way with an unsurmountable 830 points.  Another tough competition in the 70 plus group but Phil Booker of Fredericton holds a safe margin of 54 points over Murray Forgrave of Apohaqui 920 to 866 to secure the win.

It is amazing to note that the fastest women’s time at every distance except the marathon this season belongs to Shelley Doucet of Quispamsis.  She has spent this season preparing for a run at the big time at the Chicago Marathon this weekend.  If her lead up is any indication, we should be able to declare her the fastest in all distances after the race on Sunday.  Go Shelley.

Some great runs coming up this weekend starting with the Sweet Caroline in Rothesay in memory of a fine young athlete, Caroline Lorette lost too soon to anaphylaxis.  This event is just part of what the Sweet Caroline Foundation does to promote education about anaphylaxis.  Check it out at https://events.runnb.ca/event/sweet-caroline-run-2018/27384/.  In Perth-Andover the Super Series wraps up with the Dam Run, learn more at https://events.runnb.ca/event/dam-run/20788/

On Sunday a couple of our great traditions continue with the Demi-marathon de l’Acadie (https://events.runnb.ca/event/372e-demi-marathon-de-lacadie/19966/ ) and Miramichi 5-km https://events.runnb.ca/event/miramichi-5km-669/28069/

This week we lost one of our running communities finest, Billy Anderson of Saint John.  Always equipped with a smile and a story Billy brought light to every event and inspired us that running isn’t just for the young.  We will miss you Billy but you will always be our Person on the Run.


On the Run Sept 13, 2018 (as it appeared in the Telegraph Journal on Sept 12)

erin vringer 3
Erin Vringer, our Person on the Run

It was another record breaking weekend in New Brunswick at the Hampton 5-Miler.  Shelley Doucet of Quispamsis set a new course record for this 18-year-old event with a very fast 28:40. The second place woman was Sacha Hourihan of Southfield in 30:36 and one second behind her, in a new New Brunswick under 19 record was Saint John’s Erin Vringer in 30:37.  The men were very impressive as well with Evan Arsenault of Quispamsis leading the way in 26:55 ahead of Nicholas Larade of Fredericton (27:40) and Jeff Queen of Saint John in a personal best time of 28:37.

In Bathurst the action was on the trails and still amazingly fast as Lee Roy of Bathurst was the top 10-km runner in 35:43 ahead of London’s Ben Hope in 36:30 and Bryan Thomas of North Tetagouche in 38:46.  The Nathalie’s were at it again as Natalie Theriault of Beresford took top spot in 47:29 and Nathalie Guerette Pelletier of Petit-Rocher Ouest was third in 48:17 and Joelle Hache of Petit-Rocher split the two for second place in 47:49.  The 5-km event went to Sylvie Leblanc of Bathurst in 22:57 for the women followed by Lanne Mersier of Petit Rocher Nord in 25:14 just ahead of Catherine Mallet of Whitehorse in 25:40.  The men were led by Jonathan Roy of Beresford in 19:39 followed by Marcel Mercier of Petit Rocher Nord (22:50) and Alain Gallant of Bathurst (24:38).

In Dieppe the Crossroads Relay had corporate teams going head to head for a 4 runner, 10-km relay race in support of Crossroads for Women, helping women and children living with domestic violence.   The top team was ASEA-fast kids in 40:34 ahead of Major Drilling in 47:36 and L’equipe des Rouges in 49:48. Kudos to the business and runners taking on a great cause.

This weekend in Saint John the trail fun continues with River and Trail and Ales at Rockwood Park.  This fun but challenging run offers both a 6-km and 12-km option and includes some of the beautiful trails the SJC Trail Miners have worked so hard developing.  Register on-line at https://events.runnb.ca/online-registration/register/river-trail-ales/22684/   While we are talking trails, the cyclist will be very busy in Miramichi with 4 Hours of French Fort Cove.  You can register and learn more at https://go.velo.nb.ca/events/2018vnb19/

If you like something less rugged and would like to contribute to a great cause check out the Tanya Shand Memorial Milk and Cookie Run in Quispamsis.  This event remembers those who have lost their lives to domestic violence.  But don’t expect a day of long faces, despite the absolute tragedy there is still a sense of hope and a need to remember these amazing women in a positive and upbeat event.  Register now at https://events.runnb.ca/online-registration/event/tanya-shand-memorial-milk-and-cookie-run-4th-annual/24779/

On Sunday in grand Falls why not join the Harvest Run/Walk along the beautiful St. John River, learn more at https://events.runnb.ca/event/course-marche-des-r-coltes-harvest-run-walk/19064/

This week our Person on the Run goes to a remarkable young runner from Saint John, Erin Vringer.  At only 14 years of age she is racking up an impressive running resume including third place in the provincial 5-Mile Championship in Hampton this past weekend in 30:37. Mark her name in your program, she is one to watch.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist




On the Run Sept 5, 2018 (as it appeared in today’s Telegraph Journal)

sarah holland
Sarah Holland, our Person on the Run 

Another week and another record for the amazing Shelley Doucet of Quispamsis.  At the Demi-marathon de l’Acadie Doucet broke her own record with a very fast 1:18:24. and what is more amazing it was a last minute plan to get a training run in before her big race in Chicago next month.  Second place went to Natalie Boivin in 1:34:55 and third to Natalie Theriault-Roy in 1:40:12. Lee Roy was also training for a big event next month but joined in and took top spot in 1:17:58 ahead of Shelley’s husband Evan Doucet (1:20:46).


Meanwhile in Saint-Francois at the provincial half marathon championships the big winner for the men was Bryan Thomas of North Tetagouche in 1:16:52 followed by Staphane Boudreau of Caraquet in 1:25:00 and Nikolay Ryabkov of Fredericton in 1:25:32.  The women were led by Isabelle Thibault of Edmunston in 1:40:22 ahead of Louise Connely of Edmunston in 1:42:34 and in third place maintaining the 2 minute symmetry was Sue Teakles of Sussex Corner in 1:44:18, the 2 minute symmetry between runners in a weird coincidence went to all the way to 5th place.   In the 8-km event Tristan Morneault of Dieppe was top male in 31:13 while Emily Roy of Saint-Constant was top female in 39:19. The 5-km went to Andon Morneault of Dieppe in 19:45 for men and Melissa Lebrecque of Levis in 20:31 for the women.

At the September Run for Renee the men had a tight finish as Justin Young took top spot in 16:50 just ahead of Trevor Funk in 16:56 and Daniel LeBlanc in 17:03.  Suzanne Doucet led the women in 22:08 followed by Sarah Holland with a personal best time of 24:37 and Charlene Smith in 29:08.

Next weekend there are some great runs including the 18th running of the Hampton 5-Miler.  Be sure to register online to save money for yourself and to get the chance to pass on the t-shirt option (you have plenty of those) and let that money go back to kids’ sport in the Hampton community.   It is a great event with excellent volunteers and after party, register now at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/15881/hampton-5-miler

In Bathurst the fast growing trail running trend continues with a 5-km and 10-km option (the 5-km includes walkers) on a beautiful course.  If you haven’t been hitting the trails give it a try with this one at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/16877/2018-bathurst-10km-5km-trail-run

If you want to stay with the roads and would like a fast 5-km head to Miramichi for the Miramich Fall 5-km.  Runners have been flocking to this one since 1984 in search of the elusive personal best.  Give it a try at https://events.runnb.ca/event/miramichi-fall-5-km-race-667/20858/

In Moncton the Crossroads Relay brings teams of friends, coworkers and families together to have fun and help women and children living with family violence.  Experienced runners can use it for some speed work and developing runners can work together to do a 10-km in just 2-km segments.  Learn more about this great cause at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/17055/crossroads-relay-2018

This week our Person on the Run goes to Sarah Holland of Saint John.  Sarah has been showing her speed on both road and trail this season and had a PB at Septembers Run for Renee taking second place.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist




On the Run Aug 22, 2018 (as it appeared in this morning’s Telegraph Journal)


This Sunday in Saint John the Little River Reservoir Ultra offers not only the main event 52-km Ultra marathon but also a 26-km, a 10-km and a 52-km relay.  Check it out at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/15832/the-little-river-reservoir-ultra-52k-26k-foot-race

If you are looking for something a bit shorter (or a great warm up) try the Course Clarence Bastarache Rcae in Boutouche on Saturday.  This great event was rained out last week and with such a beautiful course you don’t want to miss this second chance.  Register now at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/19449/postponed-course-clarence-bastarache-race-2018

The triathletes will be busy in Sackville on Sunday at the Sackville Triathlon, get all the details at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/16915/sackville-triathlon-duathlon

Last weekend New Brunswick athletes were demonstrating just how much above our weight this province can punch when it comes to endurance sport.  In Ironman Mont Tremblant dozens of NB Triathletes completed the 3.8-km swim, 180-km ride and 42.2-km run.  And the results were beyond impressive.  Cedric Boily of Moncton not only won his division he was 5th overall (including Pros, first age-grouper) in a time of 8:31:26, including a 2:57:04 marathon!  Marc Arseneau of Bathurst was 2nd in his division, Michel Savoie of Balmoral was 4th in his division in 10:44:26 and Chris McNamara of Saint John was 9th in his division in 10:00:55. Congratulations to all our triathletes.

In PEI it was the Atlantic Triathlon Championships.  In the Sprint Draft legal event Jonathan Taylor of Halifax was top male in 1:07:14 while Kate Timms of Toronto was top female in 1:12:57 both nabbing a spot for World Championships.  In the Atlantic Championship non-drafte sprint Michael Roy on Moncton won in 1:08:56 for men and Lisette Caissie of Robinson Illinois was top woman in 1:13:32.  In the Standard Distance Worlds Qualifier and Atlantic Championship Tyler Cole of St Johns led the way in 1:59:20 for men while Jacqueline Jenkins of Calgary took the women’s title in 2:21:21.  In the Standard Aquabike World Qualifier Adam Aldred of West Pubnico was the men’s winner in 1:34:06 and Elizabeth Seiffert of Hanwell was the women’s winner in 1:35:37.  The Aquathalon World Qualifier winner was Cory Mcguigan of Halifax for men in 39:45 the same time as Jessy Carveth of Sandford, the women’s winner.

The runners were impressive as well, especially in Miramichi.  Not one, but two Canadian records were set at the Miramichi Mile.  Raymond Caissie broke the 70-74-year age group record that he himself had set only a week before with a fast 5:47 clocking.  Patty Blanchard smashed the women’s 60-64-year age group record in 5:44, 57 seconds faster than the previous 6:41 held by Liz Shad of Ontario.    In Saint John the August Run for Renee had some great performances as Brady Graves led the way with a 16:03 for the men and Corinne Fournier was the top woman in 21:10. Seven runners set personal course records against a headwind and heat.  In Chipman the 10-km event went to Laura Richard in 43:34 for women and Nicholas Larade for men in 35:53.

This week our Person on the Run has done the near impossible.  A 5th place finish at Ironman Mont Tremblant including the pros.  Cedric Boily of Moncton is simply an awesome Ironman and indeed our Person on the Run.


Gotta run


Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running




On the Run Aug 15, 2018 (as it appeared in this morning’s Telegraph Journal)

elizabeth seiffert
Elizabeth Seiffert, Our Person on the Run

Put on your running shoes, there are lots of choices this weekend.  On Saturday the Chipman Summer Road Race offers a 10-km Super Series race and a 5-km option.  Check it out at https://events.runnb.ca/event/chipman-summer-road-race/20909/  On the same day in Bouctouche there is another 10-km Super Series run with a 5-km option at the Course Clarence Bastarache on a beautiful waterside course, learn more at https://events.runnb.ca/event/course-clarence-bastarache/21247/ Meanwhile in Dieppe the Goodies Ball Hockey Fun Run takes place with a 1-km, 5-km and 10-km option on those great trails.  You can register at https://events.runnb.ca/event/goodies-ball-hockey-fun-run/24975/

The next day the very fast Run for Renee offers up the August 5-km.  This is always a great run for a great cause and you will certainly get a great time on that fast course.  Grab your spot before it is gone at https://events.runnb.ca/event/august-run-for-renee-5k/20497/

Last weekend was a busy one in New Brunswick.  The runners were busy all weekend long with the Marathon by the Sea.  The Marco Polo 5-km went to Steve Hanlon of Saint John in 19:55 for men and Marin MacPherson of Quispamsis for the women in 23:01.  In the 10-km the women were led by Andree Germain of Granby QC in 41:37 and the men followed Scott lee of Baxters Corner who hit 39:51.

shelley d at MTBS
Shelley Doucet at Marathon by the Sea

The half marathon had a record breaking performance by Quispamsis runner Shelley Doucet who knocked the record back by over 2 minutes with a 1:19:22, that is a grand slam in the running world.  Second place went to Megan McNear of Negley OH in 1:33:28 and third to Karen Kuzik of Saint John in 1:41:10. The men were led by Jean-Philippe Deschenes of Alma PQ in 1:18:39 ahead of Michel Colford of New Maryland in 1:19:39 and Colin McQuade of Riverview in 1:21:19.
In the full marathon the men were very quick with Nicholas Bucker of Halifax on the top of the podium in 2:48:24 flanked by Matthew Fyfe of Sackville (2:49:10) in second and Trevor Funk of Saint John (2:52:14) in third. Belinda Ralph of Lavington NSW AU won the women’s marathon in 3:09:55 followed by Stella Chen of Wolfville (3:53:02) and Andrea Cameron of Toronto (3:55:32).
The triathletes contested their Provincial championships in Harvey and the men’s Olympic event went to Alexandre Boule of Oromocto in 2:02:50 followed by Martin Larose of Oromocto in 2:14:57 and Bill Lane of Moncton in 2:23:23. The women’s winner was Laura Richard of Fredericton in 2:38:41 followed by Rothesay’s Sue Watson (2:46:21) and Bathurst’s Nathalie Boivin (2:49:53).  The women’s sprint winner was Elizabeth Seiffert of Hanwell New Brunswick in 1:19:03 ahead of Addie Carten of Welshpool (1:31:20) and Lisa McCutcheon of Southampton (1:33:01).  The men were led by Satish Punna of Moncton (1:10:59) followed by Michael Roy of Moncton (1:12:04) and Philippe Levesque of Edmunston in 1:13:40.
In Caraquet Sacha Hourihan of Southfield took the 10-km in 38:04 for women and Jean-Marc Doiron was top male (34:55).  Women’s 5-km went to Patty Blanchard of Dieppe (19:53) and Jerome Theriault of Paquetville (18:55).
This week our Person on the Run goes to Elizabeth Seiffert of Hanwell.  This triathlon legend is mounting a comeback after injuries and illness and is this year’s Provincial Sprint Champion.  Great work.
Gotta run
Daryl Steeves
Weekly Running Columnist