On the Run Coaching Services 2017-18

On the Run Coaching Services provides coaching for endurance athletes of all kinds, from half marathon to ultra marathon road and trail runners, to multisport athletes like half and full Ironman Triathletes.  All services involving programming use the industry leading Training Peaks software platform and the costs are included in all quoted prices.

Coach Daryl Steeves has 8 years of Sports Science  education with advanced degrees in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology.  Add that to 40 years of coaching athletes from recreational to Olympic level and you have great coaching resource.  For more information contact Daryl at daryl_steeves@hotmail.com or to apply for services go to Lets work together

The following services are available.  Our coaching year runs from Oct 1 to Aug 31.  Applications for coaching are accepted until Aug 31 each year to allow for set up of plans with athletes in the month of September.

Custom Coaching for Triathletes and Long Distance Runners (Half Marathon/Marathon/Ultra)  THIS SERVICE IS NOW FULL

me at glow run
Coach Daryl Steeves has 40 years of coaching experience and holds a Masters Degree (MPE) In Biomechanics and a Masters degree (M.Ed.) in Exercise Physiology

This service is a full coaching service and is available to 8 athletes each season.  Athletes interested in this service should have some serious goals in mind and be equipped with a GPS watch with Heart Rate; power meters for cycling are recommended but not required.  The service includes support to develop a training intensity zone chart, a periodized and personalized training program on the industry leading Training Peaks software, a monthly phone consultation and unlimited email consultation.  ($40/month)

Training Programs through Training Peaks for Triathletes and Long Distance Runners

This service provides standard programs in the industry leading Training Peaks of Final Surge softwares.  Athletes interested in this service should be equipped with a GPS watch with Heart Rate.  Each athlete will be asked to do a series of pre-tests and to choose between a pace-based or heart rate-based training plan. Based on the results of the pre-tests, the program intensities will be personalized for the athlete.  After the initial set-up, this service does not provide individual coaching but any athlete in this service may “Ask the Coach” specific questions by email and answers will be provided as quickly as possible, usually within a week.

Programs available include:

  1. Half Marathon (20 weeks) $75
  2. Marathon (20 weeks) $75
  3. Ultra- Marathon (50-km) (20 weeks) $75
  4. Half Iron Distance Triathlon (32 weeks) $100
  5. Iron Distance Triathlon (40 weeks) $125coaching 2

Event Specific Programs

From time to time, we may partner with local events to offer a training program for that specific event that will be offered through the race site.

  1. Hampton Ladies Triathlon
  2. Rev3 St Andrews Triathlon

Other Services

  1. Customized intensity chart: This service includes providing a self administered series of field tests.  You would submit the results along with your season goals and within a week would receive a personalized training zone chart for your season.  $50
  2. Video Technique Analysis: This service includes filming, reviewing, and reporting on your technique in swimming or running.  Athletes will receive a link to an annotated review of their technique.  For swim analysis it is the athletes responsibility to arrange pool time.  $75
  3. Other services available upon request

Consulting Dietitian

julia besner

We are pleased to have the services of Julia Besner as our consulting Dietitian.  Julia has been a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years and became interested in Nutrition as a young athlete. An experienced triathlete herself, she can help athletes with their sport specific nutrition needs, so they perform their best in training and competition.

Julia will be available for referral to help with any nutritional needs for training or competition.