Rompin Rockwood Course Details

The Course:
     The Rompin Rockwood 25k and 50k course winds its way around Rockwood’s many single track trails with only a bit of dirt roads and a small pinch of bitter pavement to build mental constitution. The trails are fairly technical with no super big hills, just lots of little ones. The start and finish will be at the Kiwanis A Frame by the FIsher lake beach. There will be an aid station (Maryanne aid station) roughly one third of the way around and then again at about two thirds along the 25k loop.  It is in the green circle in the middle-ish of the map where the Zoo trail kisses Maryanne. You will hit this aid station 2 times for every 25k loop you do.  Another aid station will be at the start/finish (s/f aid station) Check the maps out below for intricate details. 
     The 10k is still a bit twisty and technical with some pavement, but still a challenge. The 10k will NOT have any aid stations on the course or drop bag places, but the S/F aid is all yours at the end of your race.
    DROP BAGS. Friends or family may place a drop bag for you at Maryanne. It should be clearly marked with your name and no waste can be left behind. Better yet, why not have them stay there to help you with your drop bag and cheer you on to the next section of the course. For the 50-km you can also get a drop bag from your supporters at the start/finish line when you complete lap one.

NEW: CUP FREE EVENT… Rockwood Park is a natural beauty and we want to keep it that way. To that end, there will be no disposal cups on course. Please be sure to have a mobile cup or bottle with you at all times to take advantage of the water stations with pump or pour station water available.

For a high quality Map Download go to Rockwood Park Trails

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Right click and save for your personal copy