Saint John Swim Run Challenge

August 5, 2018

One of the fastest growing multisport races is the Swim Run event, combining alternating segments of swimming and running.  You can use swim aids such as hand paddles, even floats… but whatever goes in the water stays with you on the land, and all your land equipment goes in the water.  It is a fun and unique event for teams of two athletes working together throughout the race.  This event takes place at the beautiful Rockwood swim runPark in Saint John NB and is part of the Canaqua  Sports Swim Run Challenge.

Don’t forget a water tight baggie to collect the evidence of completing the course that winds through the Park with books placed strategically on the course.  You must bring back your assigned page from each of the books for your finish to be official.  This is going to one race you won’t want to miss.  Register now at I want to Swim Run